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Better meeting culture with FirstAgenda

Better meeting culture with FirstAgenda

World Marine Offshore provides logistics solutions in offshore wind, oil, and gas. The fast-growing company has around 150 employees working with shipping companies worldwide.

The 22 members of the management team have used FirstAgenda since October 2017. This means, for example, that they can now settle for a weekly one-and-a-half-hour session instead of the daily 30-minutes meetings. In practice, this saves each meeting participant one hour every week - and that’s just one meeting group in the company.


The implementation of FirstAgenda has inspired management at World Marine Offshore to focus on the company's meeting culture.

"FirstAgenda made us reconsider our meeting habits. Among other things, we added a section about meetings in our Code of Conduct. It has changed our culture and saved us from many unproductive meetings.”

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"The integration of Microsoft To-Do is a great value to us. We can delegate tasks at the meeting, which automatically pops up on the individual's To-Do list, and has streamlined our workflows. FirstAgenda is a simple and smart alternative to the hopelessly outdated Excel task lists we had before."

Lars Christian Zøhner, CEO, World Marine Offshore A/S

Transforming meetings on Isle of Man

Transforming meetings on Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependency in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland.

Introducing FirstAgendas meeting software to Douglas Borough Council on the Isle of Man has been revolutionary. Before, they had to manually print, bind and post or hand deliver all of the agendas and related documents for council meetings every month. This was a time-intensive process, plus it used a lot of paper.

“FirstAgenda saves us about 30 hours of man-time per month and everyone really likes it,” explains Daniel Looney, Assistant Chief Officer (Digital & Information). “We tested three or four other tools when we decided to go digital but kept going back to FirstAgenda. It lets us do what we want and it’s a good value for the money.”

The ability to include high-resolution images was also an advantage for the Douglas Borough Council. They were able to zoom in on details on a map or photograph, helping with information flow and decision making

Being able to make last-minute changes to the agenda is also a benefit. In the past, this could mean putting off an important decision until next meeting, Now, it’s not an issue.

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“The best things about FirstAgenda are usability and functionality,” continues Looney. “I am impressed at how intuitive and easy to use it is. Training our staff in how to use it was very straight forward, made easier by the intuitive design and integrated user tips. I would recommend FirstAgenda to any council that is thinking of going digital. It has saved us a lot of time and money.”

Daniel Looney, Assistant Chief Officer (Digital & Information), Douglas Borough Council, Isle of Man.

FirstAgenda replaces paper and pencil

FirstAgenda replaces paper and pencil

Rikke Daugård is a consultant and coordinator in Mobilize Me. A company that develops utilities for people with cognitive challenges such as autism, ADHD and dementia.

Rikke's working week is often full of meetings with existing customers, new customers and external partners in addition to internal meetings with her two colleagues. Common to all the meetings is that she always brings FirstAgenda to her meetings.

Rikke notices a clear difference from before she had FirstAgenda to now, where the platform is a staple in all of her meetings.

"I have notebooks filled with handwritten notes from before. At that time, I wrote notes and mind maps with arrows back and forth, which rarely made sense after the meeting. It was stressful because I often tried to write down the customer's sentences word-for-word, and you simply don’t have time for that when you also have to be present at the meeting."

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"When I hear something that I may have to remember to follow up on, I put a bookmark in the meeting. Afterward, I can tap the bookmarks and hear that part again. It's a fast and smart way to summarize the most important parts of the meeting."

Rikke Daugård, Consultant and Coordinator in Mobilize Me

Secure data handling for one of Denmark’s largest banks

Secure data handling for one of Denmark’s largest banks

Sydbank is one of Denmark’s largest banks with 2,100 employees in 84 branches in Denmark and Germany.

After Sydbank began using FirstAgenda in their board in 2011, it quickly spread to several committees within the organization. Naturally, secure handling of confidential information is essential for Sydbank. FirstAgenda, with its high priority on IT security was a clear choice for managing Sydbank’s meeting materials.

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"As a bank we have very high requirements for IT security. FirstAgenda meets these requirements."

Roland Erik Lorenzen, IT Consultant at Sydbank

The City of Oslo's primary meeting tool

The City of Oslo's primary meeting tool

With more than 600,000 citizens, the City of Oslo is Norway's largest municipality. The City of Oslo uses FirstAgenda for organizing and holding meetings for councilors, committee members, boards of directors and management teams.

FirstAgenda integrates with all known EDM systems and reduces the cost of producing, printing and distributing meeting materials.

“FirstAgenda has streamlined our workflow in the Secretariat. We save time on distributing and publishing documents by doing it in FirstAgenda, instead of with paper.”Inger Kvannes, Committee Secretary, The City of Oslo.

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“One big advantage of FirstAgenda is that so long as you have access to an iPad or PC, you have all of your meeting documents at your fingertips. You don't have to carry large piles of paper around.” 

Inger Kvannes, Committee Secretary, The City of Oslo


Photo: Jiri Havran

A faster and easier way to manage meetings

A faster and easier way to manage meetings

The transport authority Movia, based in Copenhagen, is responsible for the local buses and trains that service a large region of Denmark- including the capital city itself.

Movia switched to FirstAgenda because its board members were already using it in other boards and liked the benefits.

“I would recommend FirstAgenda to anyone thinking of switching to a digital meeting solution in their organization. It’s much faster and easier than before. Plus, we save an enormous amount of paper.”  Michael Skov, Senior Advisor, Movia.

Are you a member of more than one board? Take a look at how FirstAgenda's features can lighten your work across several organizations.

"Now our board members get the information they need distributed in a simple way. They can always find previous agendas and documents they need. We save half a day of preparation time per meeting, plus a lot of paper."

Michael Skov, Senior Advisor, Movia

Lightening administration for Region of Southern Denmark

Lightening administration for Region of Southern Denmark

Switching to FirstAgenda's Meeting Optimization Platform has been a great success for Region of Southern Denmark. The regional council has responsibility for developing the region and a strong focus on healthcare services. Initially, FirstAgenda was only used in the council and political committees, but they quickly moved to digitize meetings in the administrative departments and hospitals as well. Today, they have more than 200 committees using the platform, and that number is expected to rise. 

Mette Stokbæk who is Head of Administration at Region of Southern Denmark says that the use of FirstAgenda quickly spread like ripples throughout the organization after the council swapped stacks of paper for iPads.

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"I was amazed at how fast it was to implement the system. It took less than two months from the decision to switch to FirstAgenda to the first council members using it in meetings. There was a little skepticism in the beginning, but this vanished as soon as people got to know the system. On the administrative side, FirstAgenda has been very well received because it has made our work of distributing agendas much easier."

Mette Stokbæk, Head of Administration, Region of Southern Denmark

Saving time and money for one of Denmark's largest industries

Saving time and money for one of Denmark's largest industries

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council (Landbrug & Fødevarer) started using FirstAgenda's Meeting Optimization Platform in one of their departments in 2012. Since then, it has spread like wildfire to the rest of the organization, saving them time and money compared to the manual processes they used to use. Today, FirstAgenda is the primary meeting tool for all of their boards and foundations. Using one tool across the organization makes it easier for both administrators and those who are members of several boards. The Danish Agriculture & Food Council represents businesses, trade associations and farmers’ associations. With annual exports of more than €20 billion, agriculture and food is one of Denmark’s largest industries.

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"Previously, documents were gathered in large folders and sent to participants. Now, with FirstAgenda, we avoid the extensive paper use and the rigid procedures that we had before. We save both time and money and we have a great deal of flexibility. It’s great that we can make corrections right up to the deadline without being nervous about whether everyone has received the changes. It makes things easy that administrators can log on from anywhere any time."

Jesper Bollerslev, IT Consultant, Danish Agriculture and Food Council


Creating savings for the social housing sector in Denmark

Creating savings for the social housing sector in Denmark

The social housing organization, Boligkontoret Denmark, manages 31,600 homes for 58 housing organizations and 39 other partners - including municipalities and regions. '

Boligkontoret Denmark uses FirstAgenda for their board meetings, and it has been very well received. In the beginning, participants had to get used to going paperless in meetings, but they quickly realized the benefits of always having the updated documents on their iPad. FirstAgenda also allows them to go back and see what was decided at the last meeting.

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"FirstAgenda gives us financial savings and time savings on administration, because we no longer need to print and send out  documents to the boards before meetings. We get significantly fewer board members calling us because they can't find the right documents or have questions about the material."

Henrik Skjold Lund, IT Manager, Boligkontoret Denmark