Integrations and Hacks

FirstAgenda synchronizes the meetings in your calendar - you don’t have to lift a finger. It happens automatically, whether you connect with Outlook (Office 365) or an iOS Local Calendar.

Try the following integrations and hacks.

The perfect match

The perfect match

FirstAgenda and Outlook in Office 365 are the perfect match. The combination of these two powerhouses provides an optimal condition for better meetings.

As usual, you’ll create your meeting appointments in your Outlook calendar. From Outlook, FirstAgenda automatically retrieves information around the created meeting (date, time, place and meeting participants). If attachments are included, FirstAgenda will house those as well.

Don’t fret changes or last-minute attachments, FirstAgenda constantly synchronizes with your calendar. Therefore, you're always updated - no matter where and when your meeting is.


Your data is safe

The integration of Office 365 is based on the individual user's mail account in Outlook. If your user in Office 365 is deleted, your access to FirstAgenda will also be canceled. This practice ensures high IT security and data protection.

Connect with your Local Calendar

Connect with your Local Calendar

FirstAgenda provides better meetings for everyone - including those who don’t use Office 365.

You can connect FirstAgenda with the iOS Local Calendar on your iPhone.

The app downloads meetings from the iOS Local Calendar and updates FirstAgenda with your meeting information (including date, time, place and meeting participants).


Use other calendars?

Do you use Google Calendar or other online calendar solutions? If you have them already synced with iOS Local Calendar on your iPhone, you're ready to use the Assistant module.

If not, you can connect your favorite online calendar to your iPhone with few clicks. Read the how-to here.


Overview of your tasks

Overview of your tasks

As an Office 365 user, you might be already taking advantage of Microsoft To-Do, which gives you an overview of your tasks.

FirstAgenda is automatically associated with Microsoft To-Do, so you don’t have to add your tasks manually. When you create a task using FirstAgenda, you’ll immediately see the task in Microsoft To-Do. Assignments and deadlines from FirstAgenda will also be automatically transferred.

With the combination of FirstAgenda and Microsoft To-do, you won’t need to keep track of handwritten notes.


Updated to-do list

In addition, with the constant synchronization, your task list will always be updated. This way you’ll always know when and how to solve a task.

Manage your tasks

Manage your tasks

As a user in Office 365, you also have access to another tasks tool, Outlook Tasks. This tool also automatically retrieves your tasks from FirstAgenda. 

For example, if you are assigned the task of contacting a provider by Monday, it will appear on your task list in Outlook Tasks. 

From Outlook Tasks, you can go back to FirstAgenda via a link to view all the meeting details.


Relisten to the wording of a task

If you need to hear the exact wording of a task, you can play the specific part of the audio file in FirstAgenda.

With Outlook Tasks and FirstAgenda, you are always up to date with your tasks.

Slack your meeting minutes

Slack your meeting minutes

We love Slack! Therefore, you can send the minutes from FirstAgenda directly to Slack.

If your workplace has a paid Slack account, we recommend adding the app "Email" to Slack. The app makes it possible to receive mail in a particular Slack channel.

Once you have downloaded the Slack app and installed "Email", you can add the Slack "Email" account as a participant to your meeting - exactly as you do with your colleagues.

Keep everyone up to date

When the meeting ends, FirstAgenda sends a link to the minutes directly to your channel at Slack. That way, you're sure everyone sees the meeting minutes and can comment on Slack.

Watch the tutorial video to hack Slack

Minutes for your team

Minutes for your team

Do you use Microsoft Teams? FirstAgenda can send the meeting minutes directly to your group chat.

Simply add “Team mail” as a meeting participant to the meeting.

FirstAgenda sends a link to the meeting minutes directly to everyone in your specified Microsoft Teams group.

Find the latest meeting in Teams

When you send the report to Teams, it’s easy to review previous meetings. For example, if you need details from last month's meeting, you can easily find the report in Teams.

Watch the tutorial video to integrate to Microsoft Teams.