App version 4.0.21 is ready

- Mette Zacho

App version 4.0.21 is now ready for download in App Store. Here is a description of the changes we have made:

You can now reposition the icons of notes and shared comments

If you have created a note or a shared comment in an inappropriate place in the document, it is now possible to reposition the icon.
Note: This change is only applies to notes and shared comments that are created by you. That is, it is not possible to move on a shared opinion that another committee shared with you.

Hold your finger down on the note or comment and features
icon to the desired location

Larger images in the note overview

We have enlarged the image thumbnail in the note overview. It makes it easier to see where in the document the note is created.

Links in shared comments

We have fixed a bug, and it is again possible to use links in shared comments.
These types of links are 'valid':

  • links you 'copy paster' - eg. "Https://"
  • links, you enter directly and with www ... - eg ""
  • links, you enter directly without www ... - eg ""