App version 4.0.24 is ready

- Mette Zacho

We have now released a new update. App version 4.0.24, ready for download in AppStore. We recommend to get it downloaded right away, so you're updated and ready for the new features for the "Share comment" function.

Expired password and other bug fixes

In this update, we've fixed a few minor bugs. Now, for example, you are allowed to change your expired password via the app again.

There was also a display problem with the information box in the frontpage of the meeting. This meant that the text was "cut out" in some cases, so the bottom lines were not visible.

Please update the app immediately

In a short time, we will launch new features for the "Share comment" function. Among other things, there is an opportunity to rename your conversations. This will help you to get an overview of your shared comments, instead of displaying a number of names that you have recently shared comments with. For example, you can rename the conversation to "the Board" or other relevant names. However, in order to benefit from the new features, you need to update the First Agenda app to the latest version as soon as possible.