Notes and shared comments improvements

- Mette Zacho

We have made a number of updates and added a few new possibilities to the Note and shared comments functions.

"Select All" when you share a new comment with your committee members

Previously, to create a shared a comment with all the committee members, it was necessary to click through all the nams on the list in the share comment window. Now you can save time with a quick click at the "Select all" link in the right corner of the list. See example below.

You can now extend the note and share comment box

There has been great demand to expand the box with notes and shared comments. We have therefore added a little "arrow" in the box's bottom corner. Pull the arrow with the mouse to expand the box. The arrow will be visible in the right or left corner, depending on where on the paper the note or the shared-comment is located.

Note: The improvements are so far only available on In the near future they will also be developed to the app.


Add links in notes and shared comments

So far it has only been possible to use links in notes and shared comments on the iPad. But now links are also clickable in the web version of First Agenda.

These types of links are 'valid':

  • links you 'copy paster' - eg. "Https://"
  • links, you enter directly and with www ... - eg ""
  • links, you enter directly without www ... - eg ""