Notes and shared comments improvements

- Mette Zacho

We have improved our way of saving notes and shared comments in the agendas, and a news for the "Share Comment" feature.

We will activate the improvements on your organization by Wednesday, June 28, 2017.
If you want the features activated immediately, please contact

New features to the "Share Comment" feature

You can now rename your conversations and add committee members to an ongoing conversation in the "Share comment" feature. Read more below.


If you often share comments with the same committee members, it may be convenient to rename the conversation. The name of the conversation will replace the row of names in the list of "Recent Contacts" In the example below, the name of the conversation have been renamed to "The Board".


You now have the option to add committee members to an ongoing conversation in the "Share Comment" feature.

When a committee member is added in an ongoing conversation, it will be shown by who and when the adding has occurred. The new participant in the conversation will be able to read all comments that have been shared in that conversation.

You can of course also remove members from an ongoing conversation.

New way to keep notes and shared comments

We have optimized the way to save notes and share comments in First Agenda.

In short, it means that notes and shared comments will be retained in the documents and attachments in the future, even though changes have been made to the document. Compared to earlier, you will find all your notes and shared comments in the document and in the Overview.

Note: This setting will not affect your meetings. You can log in and hold meetings as usual.


Update the App to version 4.0.26

We enable the new changes to your organization during June. Before that, it's important that everyone gets the app updated to the latest version - 4.0.26 - so you can enjoy the new initiatives.

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