Summer release: news for e-mail notifications

- Mette Zacho

We hope you have enjoyed your summer vacation and have charged your batteries to full power. We in First Agenda has used the summer to make a couple of updates connected to mail notifications. Read more below.

Better display of comments in mail notification for released agendas

Many of you have wanted a clearer view of the comments that can be added to the mail notifications when releasing agenda and minutes from First Agenda. We have therefore made a change so comments in the future are shown in bold text. See the example below:

Receive mail notifications at meetings of other committees

We have received a lot of wishes from users, who wants to receive a mail notification when meetings are released in committees they are not members of. It is now possible with a new setting set for each user.

The setting is set in the web version of First Agenda. After login, click on your username at the top of the page and scroll down to "Notifications". Here you enable the 'slider' next to 'Receive email for new agendas in' Other commands'. The setting is automatically saved.

Minute mails are sent at manually created meetings

Users, in those organizations that are using the minute feature in First Agenda, already receive a minute mail when decisions is released from First Agenda.

However, if your organization have used an alternative way of making minutes, users have not previously received a minute e-mail. We have now changed this so that you can, as a agenda producer, choose to send a minute e-mail to the committee members if changes are made to a meeting after the end of the meeting.


A meeting of the Board of Directors is held from 10 am -12 pm. The agenda producer adjusts the latest changes and releases the meeting at 9 o'clock. The committee members receive an email indicating that an agenda for the Board is ready for reading in First Agenda.

At 1 o'clock, the agenda producer adds a note to the meeting - either in the form of a new item, an attachment or simply by adding a minute text to an existing item. Subsequently, she releases the meeting. The committe members are now receiving a e-mail notifikcation telling that the minutes of the Board are ready for reading.

Note: The function is a feature that needs to be enabled for your organization. If you wish to have the feature enabled, please contact us at

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