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This is how Assistant can make your meetings smarter


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      Calendar sync

      Schedule and create meetings in your calendar as usual. FirstAgenda will automatically retrieve the meetings from your calendar. So, no duplications or changed workflows here.


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      Speech Recognition

      When the meeting starts, you activate speech recognition with a single click. The technology then automatically transcribes and analyzes the meeting. When the meeting is done, you'll receive the Meeting Minutes containing the meeting's most important keywords, decisions, tasks, and photos – as well as personal notes, audio bookmarks and summary. Activating Speech Recognition also allows you to search for specific keywords, relisten relevant topics and refresh your memory.

    • Tasks.png (2)


      During the meeting, you can enter tasks or save time by using a simple voice command. Assign the tasks to a meeting participant, and never doubt about who should take action. Add a due date to the task and mark it as completed when it’s done. If you are logged in with your Office 365 mail, your tasks will automatically appear in Outlook Tasks and Microsoft To-Do. No matter if you tick off the task in To-do, Outlook Tasks or FirstAgenda, it will appear as completed. Feel the ease of having all your tasks in ONE place with a direct link to the specific meeting. If you activated Speech Recognition, you can even jump back in time and listen to the specific sequence that the task was added.

    • Decisions.png (2)


      Just like Tasks, you can enter Decisions during the meeting. Feel the ease of having a direct link to the sequence where the Decision was made – just jump back in time, re-listen and eliminate misunderstandings.

    • Photos@2x.png


      You can use your mobile app to take photos during the meeting. Photos may be relevant, for example, if you and your team have written or drawn something on a whiteboard. The images are automatically linked to the specific meeting minutes, so you can quickly retrieve your drawings, notes and ideas when you need them.

    • Personal-notes.png (2)

      Personal Notes

      Heard something that sparked your interest? Add notes. The notes are personal and are not shared with the rest of the meeting participants in your emailed meeting summary.

    • Bookmark.png


      With a single click, you can add a personal timestamp to the meeting in a place that’s particularly relevant to you. This bookmark easily allows you to go back and repeat the specific part of the meeting. The best part is that, with bookmarks, you don’t have to write notes. Instead, you can concentrate on what is being said.

    • Personal notes@2x.png


      Feel the need to recap your meeting? FirstAgenda's searchable Meeting Minutes are an effective way to capture content, but sometimes a written summary can come in handy. Enter or speak the Summary after the meeting to make sure your team can get a quick overview.


    • Meeting minutes.png

      Meeting Minutes

      All attendees will automatically receive the Meeting Minutes by email. If you activate Speech Recognition, the Meeting Minutes will contain an overview of the meeting's most important keywords. In addition, it highlights your decisions, tasks and photos – as well as personal notes, audio bookmarks and summary. Therefore, Meeting Minutes do not look like a "traditional record", rather an optimized overview of the meeting that increases understanding and memory.

    • Keywords@2x.png


      Keywords are a list of the most important themes and words discussed at the meeting. The keywords give a quick overview of the content of the meeting, as they are divided into chronological order and in color clusters for each quarter of the meeting. Do you need to refresh the memory? Simply click on a keyword and repeat the specific sequence that is relevant to you.

    • audio_search.png

      Search in audio

      If speech recognition was activated at the meeting your meetings become searchable – allowing you to go back in time and re-listen to past discussions. With Audio Search you never have to scroll through endless of emails or notes. You can always search for keywords, re-listen to relevant topics and refresh your memory. You also have the option to re-listen the context of an added task or decision, or you can click your personal bookmarks and listen to the specific part of the meeting again.

Keeps your data safe

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FirstAgenda’s data security complies with even the most stringent of data protection policies. We encrypt all the data handled by our services to ensure your privacy.

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Operation and stability

Our focus is on ensuring a reliable and stable system. FirstAgenda is hosted in one of Europe's leading hosting centers, and our uptime in the last three years is 99.88%.

Touch Login

You may forget your password but never your thumb. Therefore, you can use touch login when you sign into FirstAgenda.

Encrypted communication

FirstAgenda uses encrypted communication, ensuring that data is unreadable to third parties online. For uploading and downloading documents, we use the encrypted HTTPS protocol.

Integrations and Hacks

Do you want to record meetings with mobile, but write notes on your computer? No problem. All meeting content synchronizes when switching between computer and mobile, just select your preferred platform and get a quick overview. Assistant is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.



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How much does it cost?

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