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+45 70 259 258

+45 70 259 258

Søren Frichs Vej 44D<br/>8230 Åbyhøj<br/>Denmark

Søren Frichs Vej 44D
8230 Åbyhøj

CVR DK37 09 89 22





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Do you need an iPad to use Prepare?

How much does it cost?

Do you have control over who had access to data?

Do you keep track of how users access data on their computers or tablets?

How can I be sure that you have your processes in order?

Do confidential documents or notes remain on the iPad forever?

If I take notes in the app Prepare, can other people see them?

How is my data stored?

Isn’t data vulnerable when it’s on a computer or tablet?

How do you ensure that unauthorized people cannot access the data traveling between Prepare’s servers and the app on the user's computer or iPad?

Do my fellow meeting attendees have to have Prepare for us to be able to use it together?

What happens to my meeting materials when the free trial expires?

Can I try Prepare before I buy it?

What kinds of meetings is Prepare best for?

Does Prepare need to integrate with an external system?

Which systems does Prepare integrate with?

Is there a limit to the number of meetings?

How many users can you assign to an account?

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