With FirstAgenda you can manage all your meetings and tasks in ONE place. Collaborate, assign tasks, add due dates and keep track of your team’s progress.

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The world’s first Meeting Optimization Platform. Optimize EVERY step of your meeting process

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Digital Meeting Preparation

Enjoy the digital benefits of collaborating on the agenda creation and preparing for all your meetings in ONE secure place. Be confident that you have the most updated versions of the meeting material and that they are always accessible – wherever you go they follow.

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Automated Keywords

FirstAgenda automatically captures, saves and structures all of your meeting details. It will free your team to focus more face-to-face with each other!

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Meeting Minutes are Automatically Distributed

When the meeting is done, everyone automatically receives the Meeting Minutes containing the meeting's keywords, decisions, tasks, photos, summary, personal notes, and audio bookmarks.

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Get the Info, and Fast

No more looking for lost notes. With FirstAgenda, your meeting material is always with you. Personalize your dashboard by adding meeting filters and tags.

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Get Insights to Improve Your Meetings

Not many people can tell what they gain from their meetings. With data and intelligent algorithms, we identify your patterns and provide suggestions to increase the quality of your meetings.

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Built for all sorts of meetings

No matter your job title or department, FirstAgenda can help your team work together and boost productivity.

  • Team Meetings

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      Team Meetings

      FirstAgenda is perfect for your internal team meetings because they’re usually full of actions to be taken. With a shared platform, you can collaborate on your meeting minutes (in real-time) and assign tasks and due dates. Your team members will automatically receive the meeting minutes by email – gathered, organized and searchable. You can even get a quick recap before your next team meeting by selecting “Related Meetings”.

  • Sales Meetings

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      Sales Meetings

      Do you remember every detail from your client meetings? Not really, huh? Use the Keyword overview as a memory trigger or the Audio Search for a quick re-listen before your next follow-up meeting. Restore that focus to yourself and your customer, and foster more meaningful interactions.

  • Board Meetings

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      Board Meetings

      FirstAgenda is the perfect match for board members. Our customers love that they always have easy access to their meeting material – and it is always the most updated versions! They are able to prepare and collaborate before, during and after the board meeting. And most importantly, everything is gathered in a secure (and GDPR compliant) place.

  • Management Meetings

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      Management Meetings

      Management meetings are a fundamental part of your business. With automatic Meeting Minutes, you can forget the scribbling and focus on being present. Add “Decisions” to capture knowledge and make sure you don’t risk discussing the same topic again and again.

  • Interview

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      Whether you’re a recruiter, student or researcher, interviews are a vital method to gain knowledge. But why multitask during an interview by scribbling down notes when you can focus on being present? Let AI and voice technology do the hard work for you. After the interview, use Audio Search to jump back in time and re-listen to relevant topics.

  • Conference Calls

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      Conference Calls

      When you can’t bring everyone together face-to-face, an online meeting is the next best thing. Use the conference call feature to discuss with remote workers and activate Speech Recognition to capture knowledge from your meeting – the easy way to run virtual meetings.


  • *50%* of meetings are unproductive


    of meetings are unproductive

  • Unnecessary meetings cost *$37 bil.* a year in the US

    Unnecessary meetings cost

    $37 bil.

    a year in the US

  • Management uses more than *50%* of their time in meetings

    Management uses more than


    of their time in meetings

  • *2/3* of all meetings end before a decision is made


    of all meetings end before a decision is made

Source: Professor Nancy Koehn, Harvard Business School